How to Build a Patio Deck

Wouldn’t you just love to stay outdoors during a cool sunny day, spend quality time with the family, or just give yourself a treat with a good book that you just got from the bookstore, or just simply relax on comfortable furniture listening to the sound of the wind or the chirping of the birds? Well, it’s about time you got yourself a patio deck.

A patio deck is simply a combination of a patio and a deck which is an extension of the living space of your home to the outdoors. It gives you an inviting area where you could entertain yourself, your family, or your friends. It is an area where you could relax and enjoy outdoor living.

Building a patio deck is relatively easy, what you need time with the most is the process of planning, framing, decking, and permitting, and they need careful preparation, too. You can follow these building basics to achieve that outdoor living you have always wanted.

Before beginning the construction, you have to make sure that you have the necessary documents and permits.

When you are allowed to build a deck, you can start on the planning by examining the area where you are going to construct your deck. Determine where you want to locate the different parts of the deck like the steps to the yard. You have to assess the entire area relative to the deck.

This is important to make everything work well together considering the home and the yard where you are going to put up your patio deck. You have to plan for the drainage of the groundwater across the area so as not to cause damage to your deck in the long run.

When all considerations have been made, you can now plan your deck on paper. Start by plotting the overall dimensions and where the critical pieces are located such as the raised sections or the stairs.

Next is to plan the foundation. Normally, 4×4 treated lumber posts are used to support a deck. These are set on post anchors which are galvanized and embedded in concrete footing which are 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

You can begin your construction by determining the foundation locations and laying them out on the ground. A system of strings can be used along with batter boards to make a rectangular grid.

Next, using lag bolts, affix the ledger board to the home’s foundation wall. Grade the area underneath the deck to create a smooth surface that will drain away from the house. Below the frost line, dig footings to the required depth then fill with concrete mix.

Set the purchased galvanized post anchors. Next, set the treated posts then create the deck’s outside dimension. With all the other installing done, nail the joists with galvanized nails then install the blocking.

In installing the decking and railings it is important that you install the railings first. Install the deck with overhangs. Then add trim boards around the deck’s edge for a finished look. Deck the stair treads.

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